The 11th commandment given by Christ to His disciples on the night before Jesus was crucified.


34    A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.

35    By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Here’s what the prophet had to say about the “love” used in this text.


E-101    Now, the same Holy Spirit that’s saying that, it’s just pumping against the people right here. See? See, He’s identified, folks. Don’t–don’t do that. Don’t ’cause you’re–you’re making a rashal mistake. I love you. Remember, you come to hear. I appreciate that. Love is corrective. You see your kid out here in the street, would you say, just say, “Junior, you oughtn’t to do that.” He’ll go out, and make him stay in, if you love him. Love is corrective, not patting you. I have to scold you. Remember, it’s even your offerings, and things, that pays for this meeting, and makes it possible for to be here.

Do I love you? With all of my heart. Sister, you might think that I’ve got something against you for doing the things you do; it isn’t that I have anything against you, sister. It’s my godly love for you.



258    Now, brother, sister, we’ve went through a cold spell in the church. And, that’s right, a lot of religious draft has come through; everybody’s caught cold. And a lot of people has got their eyes all closed up, and there’s a big World Council of churches coming up, up here, is going to force every one of you into it. They’re getting away from that Word, our own groups are. I am duty bound to a Message; not to be different, but because of love… Love is corrective. Come back. Stay away from that thing. You ministering brothers, I don’t care what your groups does, stay away from it. Stay out of it. It’s the mark of the beast; stay away from it. See, Jesus is knocking in this Laodicea age. See where they put Him out? He’s trying to get to individuals, not–not organizations and groups of people. He’s trying to get one here, and one there, and one there, trying. “All that I love, I chasten.”

A lot of people have differing opinions to this blog. I believe that we all have a RIGHT (LAODICEA)to opinion but when it comes to this Message, we have more than that; we have responsibility. I find it surprising that some can sit by while people attack this Message. I received one response from someone quoting the prophet saying:

486-75    When someone says evil about you, say something good. If you can’t say something good about them, then don’t say nothing. Just let it go. See? And then when you get to yourself, pray for them.

Sometimes the things that help just do not feel good my Brother. If any of my Brethren feel I spoke evil of them, I apologise and ask their forgiveness. I am not against the Brethren. I am against the influence that I believe the Brethren are under. This influence, if you check closely, may inspire a lot of emotion and feelings of sympathy and likewise but we are not to check Scriptural issues by our feelings. We are to examine them by the one infallible thing we have: the Word of God.

The prophet once said:


336-276    And by the way, while I’m speaking: somebody in–around this country somewhere is guilty of writing some cards to move Brother Neville out of this pulpit. You’re going to have to settle that with me. Uh-huh, that’s right. Uh-huh, yes, indeed. Now, I want you… It said the dea… something about the deacon board. The deacon board has not one thing to do with that pastor. No, sir. The congregation in full has all the authority. It isn’t… A deacon board’s just a policeman here in this church, just to keep order and so forth.

But when it comes to rules, the whole church has to say so. This church is built upon the sovereignty of the local church. Therefore, I have nothing to say in moving this pastor, or putting one in. I own the property; it’s given to the church. You all are the church; you people are the one who control. You’re the church yourself. And the Church, the holy Church of God is the sovereignty, is the Holy Spirit in that Church. And the only thing I do is own the property, give it over to this church as a–give it over for a church, and it’s tax free. And the church elects their own pastors. I have nothing to do with it. And the only way this pastor could ever leave, would be the pastor decide himself to go, or the majority of the votes of the church would have to say change the pastor. And that’s the only way; no deacon board can do it. The deacon board only keeps order and things in the church.

The trustees, they have nothing to do with it, only repair the church. And they can’t do it until there’s a–the whole trustee board meets and says, “We’ll build this, or we’ll do that.” Then they have to ask the treasurer if they got the money to do it. Yes, sir.

337-278    But if there’s any complaint against any member, if a member has a complaint against one another, or something wrong, you’re supposed to go to that brother yourself and talk to him, you and he alone. Then if they won’t receive it, then the next thing takes place; you take one of the deacons or somebody, and go with you to that brother. Then if he won’t receive you, then you come, tell it to the church. Then if the church… Then if he won’t receive the church, then the Bible said, “Let them be as a heathen and a Publican.” That’s right.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Here, Wiliam Branham; a dispensational Prophet says that there’s some people were busy writing cards in order to remove Brother Neville (A Pastor) from the Pulpit. These Brothers apparently, were office-bearers who for some reason or another were not satisfied with Pastor Neville. Now, let’s forget our own feeling/emotions for a little while and look at what the WORD says about a disagreement in the assembly.

Jesus Christ said:


15     Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

16    But if he will not hear [thee, then] take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

17    And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell [it] unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

That’s three requirements to follow when bringing a case against a Brother and in this case, Pastor Ed Byskal.




We’ve had our fair share of criticism when we began this blog. To some it is strange that two Africans thousands of miles away would be concerned about this issue. That’s OK in the natural scheme of things. However, as far as this Message is concerned, we believe in things like “Theophanies” and representation “Beyond the Curtain of Time”. If we are all represented there, does race, ethnicity or geography matter? Also, if I can see my Brothers in the breakaway group falling for something which threatens to separate them from the Word; should I as some suggest, say nothing? Stick my head in the sand and pray for the best?

Now I’m not trying to fuss, I’m just trying to stand on solid ground and sometimes as a Believer, you have to stand for what you believe in.  The time when the Pillar of Fire was photographed, a Brother named Brother Bosworth was at a debate defending Divine Healing. Brother Branham was reluctant to go at first but Brother Bosworth could not sit still. The prophet didn’t go until the last minute and practically snuck into the debate. We all know how things went after that.(For those who don’t, check the message “PILLAR OF FIRE JONESBORO AR 53-0509 and read the whole account.)My aim in mentioning this is to speak to all those spectators out there who seem to prefer a non-confrontational approach and who may even quote the prophet to try back it up. Sometimes we have to be rugged Brethren and to stand up for what we believe in. If you believe that the way in which things transpired at Cloverdale were correct, then STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE. If you believe otherwise again; STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. Don’t be a silent spectator using quotes to shield your fear. Stand up because the very Message you claim to believe in is at stake. This is bigger than an internet blogger. This is a global issue and this “influence” is working very hard to make sure these un-Scriptural things creep into the Message.


E-30    Notice. Then they didn’t care whether they was riding a one humped camel, or two humped camel, or a three humped camel, or the fourth rain, fifth rain, latter rain, middle rain, or what rain it was. They were one thing. They believed in Divine healing, and they all run together in that big coliseum, about thirty-thousand packed out. They come in airplanes from everywhere and everything, drove in, and taken all night, at a time. What was it? The thing that their Lord had taught was at stake and they was ready to stand their grounds.

Faith without works is dead. Love is corrective. The Church of the living God not only believes the Word, according to the end time prophet, she IS the Word. Remember, it only took the enemy one changed word to cause all the trouble we have today. If I am wrong about this, I invite correction. As your Brother, I wish to be right with God and God and His Word are one and the same. I look at the situation at Cloverdale as an outsider and I wonder how and why that crucial part was left out? (i.e. why was the matter not brought before the congregation before a split was engineered?) Can God make a mistake and say one thing 2000 years prior, then influence a group to separate and go against the same thing He has spoken. If He is Eternal and Omniscient (which HE is) then HE cannot.

In closing; a word from the prophet:


E-38    What is it? Because of their educational programs, and things, that’s the reason we can’t have revival. That’s the reason something can’t go on. That’s the reason we’ve been going on, because you’ve got to get back to that Word again, my brother. That’s right. Such a pity of a thing like that, under the auspices of a Pentecostal movement. You couldn’t say God sponsored a thing like that. Certainly not.

But what is it? It’s something that’s got glamor. You’ve seen too much television. You’re too much impersonated with the world. That’s the reason the whole thing’s rotten, and corrupted, and falling apart. Right. It stinks before God. I don’t care how much you speak with tongues, how much you shout, and run around through the room. I don’t care how much you do this, or how big you grow, how many dignitaries you get among you. That has nothing to do with it. You ought to oust some of that, and get the Holy Ghost among you that’ll clean you up, and make a real church out of you. There’s the thing. That’s exactly the truth.

E-39    We… What we need today is a prophet of the Lord to rise on the scene with the Word of God, that don’t compromise with the things of the world. That’s the only hope there is for–for a life that is to come, somebody’ll handle the Gospel, not with rubber ecclesiastical gloves on. Believe so much and take away so much–oh, our denominational difference now has weeded us into about nine hundred different organizations. Our deacons are permitted to have two or three wives, and still serve as deacons.

Sometimes a preacher will leave one church and go to another one, because there’s more money at one place than there is another, a bigger crowd at one place, and a better church, and so forth, have pets and puppets and… Oh, my. We want God-called men, rugged from the wilderness yonder, with a message that–like John the Baptist, that’ll shake the hide off of some of these so-called religious moves. It’s a sin. It–it grieves the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes in the visions the Lord gives… Well, I won’t get onto that now. See? I was asked the other day… No, I’ll just… I’ll keep… Excuse me.

E-40    Now, to the message of falling apart. The things that’s going on, the things that oughtn’t to be–ought to be foreign to the church, yet it is… Speak to them about it, they don’t want to believe it.

E-42    God will not save the world by an organization or a system. He’ll save it by the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is the Word made manifest. It’s the promises of God made manifest. Yes, sir. We’ve taken our traditions and made the Word of God of non effect, just like they did in the days when Jesus come. Oh, yes, sir.

God promised to supply our needs, not our wants. We’re always wanting something, but we want it in our own way. You say, “Well, I–I want that. I… Well, Lord, send us this, and send us that.” God knows our needs. That’s exactly right. He knows our need.

E-43    What if your little boy seen you shaving with–with your straight razor, and he’d say, “Daddy, I want that razor.” You know better than to give that child that razor. Well, what if he’d say, “Daddy, I’ve seen you do it.” Well, that’s different. You’re an adult. You know how to use the razor. You’re an adult. You–you’ve–you’ve accumulated the intelligence to know how to use a razor.

The prophet has passed on. The Angel who supported his ministry is still on the scene. What was the Angel saying Brethren? I’m not asking how you feel about myself or what I have published. My question is directed to any Believer who claims to be in contact with that Angel. What is your representation saying?

God bless you.


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4 Responses to LOVE ONE ANOTHER

  1. SurfinUSA says:

    No offense but Madibawitbank you honestly sound out to lunch! Did u not read the previous posts? The 2 gentlemen parted in peace with understanding. So leave it and stop reading into things! I have a feeling you are way out in left field in your life and wouldn’t know which shirt to wear if you weren’t TOLD by someone else! Why would YOU need to know if a man can be pastored

  2. Madiba says:

    Ed Byskal’s character was assassinated daily on the internet by people he so much trusted and they hid themselves behind computer screens. We will be posting the last article around this matter but we owe no one any loyalties.

    We stepped in because it was very much necessary and we did what we had to do to STOP the insanity that has been prevailing since August 2010, which went unabated. I just wonder when did some ‘elders’ start reading Tsanning blog, and why did they not attack ‘her’ as they did to us? Could it be that her blog was condoned in their world because it degraded Ed Byskal? I hate it when people who have no sense of objectivity pretend to know what this word means.

    Tsanning’s identity has well being established to us and we just need to make sure that our evidence is watertight, and this will make one to understand why we published our conversations with one of the ‘elders’. I guess from a journalistic perspective we all know that you cannot conceal the information under the pretense of confidentiality when someone’s life is at risk, and in this instance we could not keep our conversation with the ‘elder’ private while we zoomed in on him as the prime suspect in a phenomena called Tsanning, and what made us angry was that these ‘people’ pretend to be ethical people during the day but in their close they kill the influence of their former pastor. WE ARE UNAPOLOGETIC ON NOTHING UNTIL THIS FAR but i need to emphasize that our work is in progress.

    Our next article will be called ‘THE BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES’, and we will bring some perspective to this matter into the public domain and you [the public] will be the judge. The information that we have is very persuasive in concluding that a familiar face was the author of The Commandments of Men blog, and disguised himself as a female teenager. We will forward the information to Cloverdale Bibleway Church and it will be up to them to determine what recourse do they want in relation to this matter. Since I regard the person[s] behind that blog as unbelievers I will urge the Cloverdale Bibleway Church to take these disgusting creatures to the cleaners. We will give Ed Byskal the first option in terms of visibility of what we have at our disposal.

    I HAVE PROMISED THE ELDER THAT IF I AM WRONG THEN I WILL APOLOGIZE TO HIM UNCONDITIONALLY ACROSS THE INTERNET SPECTRUM but until then let me prove that somebody’s actions have not been above the board as he alleges.

  3. Simeon says:

    Your lack of personal integrity is really appalling.

    You want to put all of the dirty laundry in the Message in front of all to see. Here is how Brother Branham said to act.

    Now, for instance, if–if one of you brethren would make a mistake and do something’s wrong, which you’re subject to do it; I am too, every one of us. But as we go along, let’s remember we’re brothers; we are brothers. And if we’ve got any fighting, let’s fight with one another. Bring it together. Bring it before our brethren and settle it.

    Now, they used to in the Branham family, if one of the little ones done something, they was going to tell Bill about it, ’cause I was the biggest. And I had to stand there and see which was right and wrong. Well, my decision was that if they, which one was right and wrong. If they still didn’t believe it, then they got around behind my back and fought it out. But they were still brothers. You see? They’d fight in the back yard with one another and fight in the front yard for one another. So that’s the way it was (See?), and it, were we still brothers.

    Well, that–that’s the way we–we got to do this. See? And if you got something against somebody, your brother, don’t tell somebody else about it if it’s wrong, go to him and tell him. And then if he’s going to argue with you, then take somebody else with you. Then bring it up the way the Bible said. Taking Sides With Jesus 62-0601

  4. Fred says:

    My grandfather always said:

    It’s simple to understand. Yet a lot of people can’t help it – they must
    harm other people for some reason. The reason, I think, is jealousy.
    Some people in every church are not jealous types. Others are jealous.
    I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it.

    Whoever Tsanning is, I know one thing, she should NEVER be trusted.
    On her blog she would go and delete certain parts of my comments
    to change the whole meaning of the comment. She is a demonic little
    trouble maker.

    Someone once said you should never be friends with your friends’ friends.
    And I believe that. I don’t want to be friends with friends of my friends. But in church,
    that’s what happens, and it always ends in disaster. In church you see each other way too often
    as far as I’m concerned. Three times a week sometimes. And in church, the jealousy
    is out of this world, because everybody knows everybody else’s friends. It’s not a good

    But I have another theory of why Ed Byskal was suddenly attacked. I think it
    is because of another website, with the same name as Cloverdale’s website
    and this other website had a lot of things on it that offended a lot of different
    people, so I think some people decided to launch an all out attack against
    Ed Byskal to punish him for the other website with the same name.
    That’s my theory. It’s just a theory. I don’t even go to Cloverdale..

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