Economics vs. The Word


1       Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover.

2    And the chief priests and scribes sought how they might kill him; for they feared the people.

3    Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve.

4    And he went his way, and communed with the chief priests and captains, how he might betray him unto them.

5    And they were glad, and covenanted to give him money.

6    And he promised, and sought opportunity to betray him unto them in the absence of the multitude.

This portion of Scripture relays the story of a brief course of events, which eventually culminated in the death of Jesus Christ. One of his disciples, Judas, facilitated the death of Jesus. The Bible described him as the son of perdition; a man who was ordained from birth to become what he became. Somehow; despite all that Judas witnessed and experienced under the Ministry of Jesus, at the climax of the ministry, while the other disciples were preparing to receive the promise for their age; Judas preferred a financial reward. The prophet William Branham speaks of it as follows:

Now, then when it come to Pentecost for Judas to receive the Holy Ghost and so forth, he showed his colors. He–he denied Jesus and become a traitor to Him. – PATMOS VISION  JEFF IN  60-1204E

Contrary to what one may expect; the purpose of this blog is not to point an accusing finger at an individual or individuals and call them sell-outs and/or Judases. It is to look at the spirit that infiltrated an insider in the Ministry and make him overlook the Word in exchange for economic gain. Let’s get one thing clear. If I sit in an assembly and hear my pastor preach against “adultery” for example. If I have no problem with adultery, I don’t expect I’ll  feel negative or condemned by the sermon. If, however, I have had some indiscretion which remains unconfessed; I may think to myself: “Is he talking about me?” Truth be told. Many people may read this article and make reference to individuals or even themselves. The reality of how you feel about it is between you and God. We simply wish to expose a spirit which is currently working extremely hard in Message assemblies around the globe.

Now, as the Scripture reports, Judas like the other apostles was baptized, walked with the Messiah and cast out demons. Unlike the other disciples, he found it difficult to go all the way. The devil entered his heart, he communed with the chief priests and from that point onward, all he could think about was selling out Christ. Notice who he sold out. I say Christ because as we well know, God takes a man but the spirit remains. As long as the spirit of Christ is at work amongst the people, the same spirit that was influencing Judas shall be at work as well. However, the key is identifying this spirit.  This age that we live in is an age of deception. An age where the two spirits are so close “insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect. “

We used to think that this Message could never be sold out. We heard the prophet speak of ministers in his time selling out Pentecost. We heard of his refusal to bow before the pope and his refusal to accept monies offered to him.  He refused to let the influence of economics overtake him. I would like today to take a positive stance and give tribute to our pastors within this Message who have refused to sell out. We began this forum as a response to an attempt by certain individuals to discredit this Message by attacking the Ministry of Pastor Ed Byskal. I can only say that I’m happy to see that ministry being preserved by God and being able to resist an economic takeover.  It’s a David vs. Goliath situation and somehow, every time these circumstances are generated, God uplifts the little guy (no pun intended!)

I would also like, at this time to give respect to the pastors whose photos appear below, for having a track record of stability and not selling out their ministries. As the promises of the age get closer, the pressure on such men increases and may even present itself in the form of “Brethren” who may present options that are economically rewarding but force a man to divert from the Scripture. It’s a controversial topic but one that cannot be ignored. In the absence of doctrinal backing, support must be bought. The Pharisees had no Scriptural leg to stand on. They needed an agent to fulfil their desire of ridding the earth of the Ministry of Jesus. Is this activity repeating itself in this age? Watch this space as we dig deeper.

Here are the pastors.

We are looking at legitimate assemblies worldwide that we know of. (Please don’t feel offended if yours does not appear.) The photos we have chosen are based upon a track record these men have generated. It is not a list that cannot be changed. As the issue of church takeovers continues and as global influence-peddling activities progress. We may from time to time modify the list and start adding more detailed information about this current “squeeze”.  We pray that our Brothers stand strong in support of the Word and refuse to be influenced by money. In closing; I would like to take a quote  from William Branham. In it, he clearly identifies the process that takes a man who has observed a supernatural ministry and causes him to betray it. It makes for interesting reading when we  look at events that are unfolding today (58 years later).

Here’s to the Pastors who won’t bow down to the image! God bless you.


See, the time comes, friends. And I want the people in the land that the tapes goes to, to remember that the separating time has to come. It must do it. I don’t know how far I am from the end time, my end of the road. I don’t know. That’s up to God. I don’t know what tomorrow is, and who… I don’t know what it holds, but I know Who’s holding it. So that’s where my faith is built, on that.

Now, I imagine Demas didn’t forsake him and start off to nightclubs. I don’t imagine Demas did that, ’cause Demas was a Spirit-filled man. He was a great helper. If you ever took the history of Demas, he was a notable preacher, a fine cultured man, highly polished, educated. He was a smart man. But why would he forsake Paul? That’s the thing. What made him do it, forsake Paul? I don’t believe he wanted to go to a nightclub or anything. But I believe it was God separating Paul. Now, I imagine Demas…

56    Let’s take some of Demas’ thoughts. As I was sitting down on the hillside, wondering the other day, about daylight, and I was thinking, “Why would Demas want to leave that fellow? Why would he leave that poor little preacher that led him to the Lord, the man who spearheaded the revival amongst the Gentiles, a prophet indeed?” No one could say but what he was a prophet. He was more than a prophet; he was an apostle, and a great and mighty apostle to the Gentiles. And Demas would associated with Paul, had fellowship, and seen the Spirit of God move upon that man. And why would he turn his back on such a person as that, had been vindicated that he was a servant of Christ? Did you notice Paul here, “… loving this present world.” I don’t think Demas backslid. I don’t think he did that. But I think he–he got the wrong opinion of Paul.

57    Now he… Demas come out of a rich family, and he was wealthy, and money sometimes means religion to people. Like they say in California, “If you haven’t got three Cadillacs, you’re not spiritual.” So it means, if you’re not successful, if you don’t have the finest church there is in the city, the people won’t go. It’s almost that way here. Proves to you–you’ve got to have the finest church in the country or they say, “You, oh, you mean you joined up with a little bunch like that?”

Did you know our Lord didn’t have a place to lay His head? Did you know He only owned one coat? See? And He had it, He was just kind of a Person was pushed about. And He didn’t have no place to lay His head. But they could’ve thought the same thing, and did, about Him.

59    And now, I believe Demas saw a failing, seemingly, in Paul’s ministry. I think that he thought the old fellow was washed up before God. Now, he thought that a people that would pluck their eyes out to give to Paul…

Now, the–Paul said that, he said, “You would at least plucked your eyes out to give them to me.” ‘Cause Paul, we think, had bad eyes, ’cause he said, “I’ve wrote with such big letters.” He said, “big letter” but I’ve got the–the lexicon, and it says “with big letters.” He was in Rome in prison there. It’s something wrong. He said his eyes had been bothering him since the heavenly vision. So he… The people would’ve plucked out their eyes, seeing Paul suffer, his eyes bothering him, and he suffering. And he asked the Lord to heal him three times. And he said, “Except I would get exalted above the abundance of the revelation, there was sent to me a messenger of the Devil that he might buffet me.” Now, we’d get pretty good, then hit him again. Then he’d get good, and hit him again.

61    You see, Paul had a ministry greater than all the rest of the apostles put together. Some of them could’ve said, “Well, I walked with Jesus.” Why, man on the street walked with Him when He was here. But Paul saw Him in the Pillar of Fire after He was dead, buried, ascended into heaven, and returned back and called Paul (See?) on the road down to Damascus. And he had a greater ministry than Matthew, Mark, Luke, or any of them others. He was far beyond them. And he said, “Except I get exalted now and say, ‘Now, you fellows don’t know nothing about It,’ I seen the Lord after His resurrection.”

Well, they say, “We walked with Him.” Well, so did all them people down around in Galilee and Nazareth and through the country there. They all walked with Him.

63    But, you see, Paul had talked with Him and saw Him in the form that He was before He was made flesh. See? And He commissioned Paul in that state. While He was in that Light, He commissioned Paul. And–and Paul had saw Him. And he said, “Except I get exalted, feel a little higher than some of you brothers, there was given to me a messenger of the Devil,” that keeps him beat down. And he said, “I sought the Lord three times to take it away from me. And He said, ‘Saul, or Paul, My grace is sufficient.'” Then Paul said, “I’ll glory in my infirmities, because when I am weak then I am strong. See, I will glory in it.”

64    Now, did you notice now, a man that had a ministry greater than any of the rest of them that had been on the field, Paul, the greatest ministry of all of them, that had seen Jesus in a Pillar of Fire, and commissioned him to do what he done, and was a-vindicated by the same God, the same power, by signs and wonders beyond any question; and was so poor he only had one coat, preaching to a bunch of people that would’ve plucked their eyes out, and some of them millionaires. And yet Paul had one coat. He said, “Bring that coat, getting cold up here.” He was in the mountain country. He only had one coat.

And Demas, to a man that was of high standing, high caliber, cultured, educated, and a rich man that had many changes of clothes, “That guy, was something wrong with him. That had so many friends that would pluck their eyes out to give it to him, and yet he’s so poor he had one coat. Something was wrong with Paul.”

66    Oh, you know, that spirit don’t leave the world; they still have it that way. Money ain’t God. There’s only one God. See? But people think because you have a big ministry you ought to own all this and all this, and all these great big things, and big schools, and big so-and-so. God doesn’t deal in them things. Or at least, that’s been my opinion. God deals with an individual. He never did ordain us to go do such things.

But Paul, with one coat, and he tells Timothy here to bring it to him because it’s getting cold up there. See? A man that had a ministry that preached to the tens of thousands that Paul did, and a ministry that could do all kinds of miracles, and seen Jesus in a Pillar of Fire, commissioned him, and yet owned one coat. Demas said, “A fellow like that,” he’d turn away from him.


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9 Responses to Economics vs. The Word

  1. Shalom!

    I know for a fact that some of the above-mentioned pastors have had board members who were leading powerful men in businesS, and these board members did not switch off from the business world when they came to the service. They thought that they can use their business influence and stature in the business to bulldoze the pastors but these pastor remained steadfast.

    Needless to say that many people left them like Judas/Demas but these men remained focused on the Word because they knew that the God who they serve does not look at numbers but at the character. Economics and the Message do not mix at all and hence the devil before the squeeze he will use economics to bring people under the influence of the Mark of the Beast.
    Watch out! As the Full Gospel Business Men rejected our prophet and they liked him so much when he was on the first pull and second pull but when he went onto the third pull then they showed their colours. Economics will be used by the devil to cause the splits in many message churches, and business men will be behind them. Look! As the prophet denied businessmen access to the pulpit then what normally happens they often find ministers serving under these pastors and through these ministers they sponsor the splits. What you will see in this spliter churches is that the pastor is a puppet as the real decision making power is with the businessmen. I ask you then; how does such “pastor” preach under those circumstances? He will opt for social gospeL which does not hurt feelings, and to decode it better for you is that he will take the people back to ‘pentecostalism’.

    Here is billion dollar question; the message church where you worship, Is the pastor suffocating because of the businessmen dictating the terms? Is the young people under pastor leaning towards pentecostalism? Is the pastor fighting just to have a common ground with just anybody? My prophet taught me that God is a segregationist and the real message believers believe in segregation.

    We will add the following pastors as well as they derserve Tribute:

    1. Pastor Willie Retief
    2. Pastor Issaih Brooks
    3. Pastor Samuel Dale
    4. Pastor Dan Daisley

    We will check others who derseve this Heavenly Ovation. If you feel your pastors derseves to be here let us know but qualifications are clear:

    1. He must know the spiritual birth pains
    2. He must not have ‘stolen’ a church under dodgy reasons
    3. He must have resisted a takeover of the church by business people whether by influence or literally.
    4. He must be man not obssessed with being civil but he must be rugged man who calls spade a spade not a big spoon.
    5. He must not be a man who caused instability in another established assembly unless he had to intervene not for selfish silly reasons
    6. He must be a man who does not attempt to give this message a funky look to the young people but must be a man who believes that this message is good enough.
    7. Does his board control him or does he take accountability and knows that God will judge him (not the board) on how he led the church.

    We will wait for submissions on that and until then I say salute to the above mentioned solidiers who keep the enemy away from the predestinated sheep and know how a goat sounds.

    • Private says:

      The interesting thing i find about this blog, the ministers you mentioned and have pictures up, DO NOT stand and support the actions of Cloverdale Church, Or the conduct and how this SIN was handled in the church. In fact some of these brothers have had similar issues in there churches and handled them completely different, They’ve handled them how the word says to handle them. You should be careful and not insinuate that they are SUPPORTING your view, or the actions of Cloverdale Church.

  2. Mr. Private,

    We honour pastors here not by association but by their individual stand. You sound bitter! Why don’t you suggest your pastor? However, bear in mind that he must meet the criteria.

  3. Polokwane says:

    I tried to recommend Pastor Raymond Mokobi, the honourable man of God who led his sheep through the straight and narrow. He is full of the wisdom of the Lord. Pastor Raymond Mokobi.

  4. kgomotso says:

    Shalom the bride it is the Word that withstands and I know that a pastor who is up there bears the Word in so much that a lion bowed before him.

  5. Madiba says:

    Shalom Polokoane,

    Pastor Ray Mokobi’s picture will be added in a few days. Thanks

    • MorganG says:

      Shalom saints,

      What an interesting website, I only knew about it on the 22-05-2011.
      A job well done Brother Batsi Tsingarai and Pastor Boitumelo Madiba.

      Galatians 6:9 & Hebrews 12:1-2.


  6. solly mokgoshi says:

    I fully agree with Pastor Madiba and the requirements he mentioned above.i would like to have a point of clairty on the doctrine some pastors preach.we cannot condone their doctrine.i may not mention them (doctrine)as i don’t want to provoke saints.

  7. qothoaubrey says:

    I am glad “BRO.” W.M. Branham has taught me somehow never to elevate man and bring discourse amongst brothers by finger pointing this one to be right and the others anonymous, i mean to say if you feel that certain individuals teach according to the liking of your ears and others not, you need not sell to anyone rather stick to whats right and sell whats truth not an opinion. All these men mentioned above, have not by themselves any good that we should praise and elevate above others for the good that God wrouth in them is for a testimony not for their praise, and all we need to do is Love them as “BROTHERS” and pray for them and their families and HONOUR not any man But Christ Jesus alone for all HONOUR and Glory belongs to God.
    And may the Good God help you to realise that this is not to be indifferent but I think as a brother charity beggins at home.
    God Bless and enrich you in wisdom.

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