We’ve had a recent furor over the internet with certain individuals (whose motives are yet to be established) looking to degrade the Ministry and personal life of the Pastor of Cloverdale Bibleway. The sensitive information which was irresponsibly broadcasted over the internet for the public to peruse could only have been put out there by a juvenile with close ties to the breakaway group that now seems to be targeting other people of the same stage in life i.e. young people. The involvement of “elders” from the new group has been one where the blogger tsanning says they sent her/him the material. These claims are somewhat difficult to understand. Elders in a church sending a juvenile, “annonymous” blogger sensitive information that documents things that may destroy marriages and family relationships. It’s a far-fetched story. Either the “elders” are cowards to begin with or this juvenile is one of their children who managed to access this information in the home. After being banned from the blog in question, we started our own. As a welcome message; take a look at the posting that got us banned. i.e. The posting that tsanning does not want you to read:

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January 14, 2011 at 12:43 am



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Good Day.
I would like to begin by congratulating tsanning on her/his unprecedented success in creating this forum of discussion. I quite admire the resourcefulness exhibited in being able to access all the information that has thus far been presented as facts to us, the spectators.
I would also like to introduce myself as a man born on this planet in the 20th century under the same conditions as most people who are now between the ages of 18 and 40. i.e. the video game generation/information age. I am in fact a beneficiary of the message that is preached by Ed Byskal although I can say that our assembly here in South Africa has no financial connection to CBW as far as I know. I have come into contact with various religions and religious orders in my course of life. I was educated by Jesuits in a Catholic junior school, was in an Anglican high school, came from a Methodist home and have relatives who practice ancestral worship to this day. I have also delved into Islam during my journey and was an avid practitioner of the religion of Hip Hop. (Yes; it is a religion). From all my experiences there is no higher form of worship with power contained in it to transform a human being than the message preached by pastors such as Ed Byskal and our own pastors and elders here in South Africa. That is my personal “statement of faith” as it were.
tsanning; our host; has had many comments and subsequent replies which are very interesting to observe. The dialogue that draws my attention the most is the exchange between her/himself and Madibawitbank.
I think that he has asked some very pertinent questions which unfortunately have been brushed off as “muddled thinking” and “rambling”. Now, we must understand that in South Africa there are 11 official languages of which English is but one. What may seem straightforward to someone like myself may seem difficult to decipher for a North American. This being understood I’ve looked through what Madibawitbank had to say and viewed tsanning’s responses and I have the following questions remaining in my mind:

– What does tsanning stand for? i.e. what would be her/his point of reference when it comes to religion. There were some references including quotes from the Bible, William Marrion Branham and Bob Dylan. Dylanite maybe? What I would like to know is this. If I can leave this Message or an assembly such as Ed Byskal’s; where would tsanning point me to?

-Where is she getting such sensitive information from? What relationship, if any, does she have with the “elders” of the church who left the assembly. If my elders were unable to fight a battle publicly on mine or the assembly’s behalf but rather resort to feeding internal information to an entity whose identity,motives and standpoint are still unknown (well, at least to myself) I would have serious reservations about their ability to maintain that office. One may even suggest that they lack backbone.

These are my main concerns with this issue. If tsanning or any of the “elders” may answer these for me, I would greatly appreciate it and maybe, we’ll be able to discuss the issues concerning conduct, order and doctrine in a Christian assembly once we get to uncover these things.

To tsanning: Kindly respond to Madibawitbank’s concerns as well and spare some patience for Christians whose first language may not be English. What may seem like “ramblings” and “muddled thinking” may be a sincere attempt at communication. In South Africa, we are quite accustomed to racial bias so I’m sure the Brother took no offence but please; focus on the questions and not your own prejudice. You did say; “I hate bullies and will always try to stand up for those that are being mistreated.” Frankly speaking, I think you’ve mistreated the person on a cultural/racial basis and at the risk of being called a hypocrite please respond as best you can so we may all continue to enjoy this wonderful platform of debate that you have so masterfully created.

I have by the way read ALL the posts, downloaded and watched the Sermon in question as per tsanning’s requirements of participation.

I’m sure we’ll hear more from each other as we proceed.
God bless you.

Censorhip? Definitely. I wonder why she/he won’t allow this comment to be aired. the poor thing has even resorted to editing people’s posts to exclude certain information. We’ll continue on. Here’s to 50 years of ministry! We look forward to other “elders” standing the test of time.


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Believer. Thinker. Medic. Business. Positive Vibes. Success Mindset. Luxaholic. I believe it, I achieve it. No doubt.
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35 Responses to Welcome

  1. rita says:

    God bless you! I am glad that there are people like you out there that can speak the truth. I was suprise that someone from the other church would start a hate-site attacking the Christians, seemly, hiding behine a veil which is scarey. This person(s) seem to be fining creative ways to be evil…let’s hope this evil being is not a repeat of Hitler. When one hears from a person disguising themself(vies) one wonders if the members of Byskal’s church are safe. I hope this hateful person targets others instead of the church. People split from churches before…this person is making it her/his personal mission to attack a church…whynot the ministers of R.C. church who abused all the young boys…why not a blogg for those abusers. Thanks for giving me a chance to respond to such hateful person may God have mercy!

  2. Denver Morgan says:

    I would like to say that i have read Tsannings blog and i find that its the most
    biased i have seen she selectively deletes post that do not comform to her
    views and i have seen the service in which she refers and i really didnt see
    anything that changed my views at all and i watch with an open mind guided
    by the word.

  3. Good Day,

    Bro Batsi and I have established that it could be a teen who had access to an information that was skewed against Brother Ed Byskal, and logic dictates that it could be as a result of gossip.

    She does not mention that the so called ‘elders’ wanted to steal the church and were using the following lame excuses:

    (1) The misappropriate use of church funds. (The right interpretation to this allegation is that the “elders” did not want Brother Ed Byskal to support churches in Asia, Africa, and Brazil and many more)
    (2) Ed Byskal’s daughter has sexually molested a teenager (This is a sin that was confessed alomost 20 years ago and the same “elders” did not just rock up in church yesterday to find out about this sin. They were there for the past 20 years and never said a thing about it. Why should we believe them in 2011?

    I guess that based on what we heard on the 3rd October 2010 sermon you are left with no option but to admire Ed Byskal even more for not having taken a legal route to restore his dignity but decided to continue undetered to live up to his call.

    The Breakaway group should be ashamed if they are associate with this coward who even trashes our very own prophet, and i guess that exposes the spirit to be of that of Lucifer. Ed Byskal’s church was built upon the very premise of the message of the hour, and its soverighnity should be respected.

  4. rita says:

    Tsanning appears to be a woman…with very limited mental capacity. She is delibertly deleting people who appear to engage in intectual pursuit. I am somewhat taken aback by her claims those in Africa do not know how to communicate in English is laughable. These two make more sense than she does. She claims they ramble…behavior becoming of someone cornered. From her blog one gathers she was at University and read someones idea. From her statement she must be very young and not engaged in any meaningful discussion. She claims she is a journalist…which is debateable. She gets secondary information and runs with it without really checking for first hand information as any researcher does…she might just be a child…she does run away from knowledgeable people like those from Africa. She appears like a childlike in her responses. I don’t an elder from a disgruntle group (those that split from Bibleway church) would stick their necks out for a child. Ms. Tsanning appears like a child…but we must keep asking her question…many children of course are taught to tell the truth which leads me to wonder if there is even an honest bone in her body. I feel sorry for the poor soul.

  5. rita says:

    I have been deleted from the Tsanning blog…some blog…I advise her that free speech in America is law, however not when it becomes slander. It is also more reasonable to prosecute in U.S.A for slander…and promoting hate as the so call “Cloverdale Bibleway Blogger” is doing she is promoting hate towards Christians which is illegal in both countries. Casting the net wide…meaning the host/server also becomes liable when there is hate being targeted to grops like the Christians’ from
    Cloverdale Bible way. Moreover, the so call “sexual molestation” as Tsanning presents is base on hearsay…so she could be sued for that as well. She sure ran away from me when I exposed her and challenge her to be accountable. We will continue to monitor her blogs…although we have enough to bring crimal and civil charege against her. The Server normally have to give the information to the police. I know some of the members of Parilement. I will talk to them as well. I also have family with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police…I will follow through with whatever means I have…this person must be charged for the hatred against the Christians. Hitler must not be aloowed to regain power in the free whole again. Email me back.

  6. rita says:

    Yes Ms. Tsanning admitted she deleted my 30 posts…I post my real email address…of course she claims that I was using a fake address…which she is doing. It will be a matter of time until her blog gets shutdown. She claims I am not from Canada…I doubt that she is even an American she is too misguided in her belief that free speech cannot be be differentiated by slander or promoting hate to certain individuals. She is promoting hate towards a church with certain beliefs. She is making statementsof crimes against a “minor child” which haven be proven or have been heard in the jucitice sytem. She is writing about things that a base on second hand information, yet she claims she is a journalist. I guess one could also approach the jouranlistic community for a story. I am somewhat concerned ( I am not from Cloverdale Bibleway Church” but I am concerned about her promoting hate. We do have the Jewish Congress of Canada observing one group of people…I might ask them to investigate these outragious charges against the church group. But also monitor this sick individual…with all the shootings in U.S. this might be one sick person that might take a life. She appears unstable…I hope the Church members are safe just incase she decides to act on her aggression against the churchmembers…we must be on guard for this sick soul…we must try not not tip her to a deep end…

  7. Denver Morgan says:

    One thing i would like to add is she is using facebook to get friends and that also directs
    them to her blog and i sent her a message yesterday that i was removing her from
    my facebook because i dont want to be a part of anything that trys to destroy a
    man of God like Brother Byskal and its clear she is quite imature she likes to get the
    last word after i sent her the message she replied and blocked me from replying back to her she does not want to hear anything that conflicts with her views.

  8. Good Day ,

    We need to work around the clock to establish who this woman is and I need her facebook link. Pray with us as we explore options of bringing her to the book. I have spoken to few IT guys to help me track her down to establish what legal options we can explore in her country of origin.

  9. rita says:

    I did some research on Tala/Tsanning”s outragious claims. It appears the “elders” are former board members for the Cloverdale Bibleway church. My assumption is these gentlemen do not know that Tsanning is claiming to act as their “agent” as she implies this on her blog. Inferring that since these board members could not reslove an internal church matter…Tsanning was than commission to act on their behalf…as she imples on her blog…not just ones but numerous times.
    The former board member from CBW church are as follows: Peter Briner with Pacific Remax Reality located at [XXXRemoved on RequestXXXXX] His home phone is [XXXXRemoved on RequestXXXXXXX] this by the way can be “googled”…moreover, he owns the Briner Farms located at [XXXXXXXXXRemoved on RequestXXXXXXX]…the email address is: [XXXXRemoved on requestXXXXXX]…and he has left the church and form a new church with pastor Lance LaRoux. Mr. Lance LaRoux formed this new church called the “Living Word Fellowship” (they also have a face book with the church name), the adress isLiving Word Fellowship [XXXXXXRemoved on RequestXXXXXX], email address is:[XXXXXXRemoved on RequestXXXXXX] (google for more information). Don Alexander owns a company called [XXXXXRemoved on RequestXXXXXX]. The last former board member is very educated his name is Rod Bergen “well known tax specialist…” is a chartered accountant with the Jim Pattison Group, a long standing board member the church..he is legally, ethically, morally bound by his profession to adhere to guidelines the as set out by the Chartered Acountants of Canada. These are the few board members that left and joined the other church. With their impressive professional backgrounds I doubt very much if they even know what Tsanning is about or what she has been up to. I included their information in this blog for the purpose of notifying them that they have been implicated in a very serious matter. You might want to notify them yourselves that their is a person in the cyber world claiming she is acting on their behalf as she claims in her blog. Good day. I will continue to reseach and see what else I could fine.

  10. rita says:

    A note to all of us, Tsanning also adds, deletes …basically alters our the blogs to suit her. Than she pretends to critique our words/writing.

  11. rita says:

    The new church email address is info@livingwordfellowship.com by now they should have all the information about Tsanning.

  12. rita says:

    I put the names of the former board members on Tsanning blogg. Guess what she deleted them… The names of the former board member is public knowlege. They are Peter Briner, Don alexander, Rod Bergen, and Pastor Lance Laroux. I see It is okay for the Tsanning followers to trash and try to destroy lives for the people from CBW but when public information arises about their members…it is set with different standards. The leadership from info@livingwordfellowship.com need to know the hate and destruction is being displayed against the people they may or maynot be associated with. (I will be emailing this information to the House of Commons.) I would like to see if there is legislation in place to prosecute the violators and protect the inocent.
    The accusations Tsanning makes towards E.F. Byskal regarding the monies is also misleading. I guess we could direct questions to the former board members to see if in fact Ms. Tsanning has the financial document to prove if indeed as she implies monies…fraud did actually occur. Mr. Ed Byskal was in business’ historically. He made personal income away from the church. Of course he was also filling the role of a pastor as well. Apparently, he bought land, subdivide it, service it and sold it…that is why he could afford a nice home. My understanding is an audit was done and no monies were missing…so I guess we could ask our beloved Tsanning to release her financial audit/statements to prove me wrong. She did blog that monies were missing…this is very odd. The church split 2009, and these accusations just surface 2010…I wonder why it took Tsanning so long to bring these alegation, better still if there was crime , why didn’t she go to the legal authorities? One thing for sure she never sought legal council before she started all these gossip. It appears she is looking for a spotlight I hope we can all help gain the recognition she so aspiring for…good day.

  13. Good Day,

    Thanks a million Rita and I appreciate the new perspective you are bringing to this matter, as one could simply assume that based on Tsannings’ ramblings she has an association with the breakway church.

    I guess we need to remain focused and know that Tsanning irrespective of what happened at Cloverdale Bibleway she is an outsider and she must not poke her nose in the affairs of the Message, and the personal attacks she inflict on the diginity of Ed Byskal she must be held accountable and legally so.

    Keep us updated on this one Rita and let us bring the enemy in our subjection.


  14. rita says:

    I emailed the Prime Harper at Harper.s@parl.gc.ca and passed on this web-site. I asked him to see if this site does promote “hate-crime” by Tsanning. She claims she is an American. Media has shown us the deadly acts Americans have done to each other. For example the Arizona shootings. I am waiting to see what the Prime Minister’s office will do or say. I’ll keep you posted. Good day.

  15. rita says:

    Tsanning claims to be an America…I guess I should also past the information to the U.S.A homeland security service…to make sure she is kept indefinately in her homeland. I am hoping our security service will investigate her blogs…the server are reguired to keep all hard data…they should be able to trace her and find her. I will let you know if I am successful to contact their people. I will contact boarder services. They should be able to point me in the right direction.

  16. rita says:

    Our dear Tsanning has been very quiet. She did define in her blog of what “libel” entails. She goes on to define words, action pertaining to libel. So she can not claim she did not know. She knew and intend to hurt these people by posting their pictures, naming names of private citizens and so on. She did try to mislead us into thinking the “elders” were different from the board members. This is not so.

  17. rita says:

    Apparently, our dear Tsanning is taking the names off the people she is accusing, with an exception of Mr. Byskal. She does not like the internet address being included with the parties that are involved. In her bossy way she said not to use internet addresses of the people involved. Her viewpoint.

  18. rita says:

    I guess Tsanning has no bases for making accusations about financial wrong doings. She stated in her blog that “This is a church that asks money from people on its website. They do not present any audited fianacial statements as most reputable NPOs do”…”IMHO is morally bankrupt”…yet, there was an audit done recently and monies were not missing. I guess if we continue to expose this misguided individual that claims that her blog is based on reseach, her research is slowly unralveling. She admits she has not seen nor have audited financial statements but professes she is indeed a reaeacher, but a reseacher would make sure his or her findings are based on first hand information. How would the academic world function if they base their findings groundless sources or resouces? Furthermore, She is intentionally trying to mislead the public about private citizens like Mr. Byskal. The recycled documents she has been given (“…given to her by and individual…”) does in itself have any merrit. If indeed, the so called “…unanswered questions…” document has been used soley for the purpose of CWB internal issues, I wonder why she is claiming it and promoting as a prrmary document for the world to see? It exposes nothing less but intentional hurt targetting private private people.

    The other concern I have is about “InGodWeTrust…AllOthersPayCash” on Tsanning blog site. This individual appears very unstable (look across the boader with reguards to Arizona shootings”), he takes comments very personal. He resorts to name calling, plus displaying very racist attitude might just be pushed over the edge by Tsanning site. He might actually hurt someone. I hope I am wrong.

  19. Simeon says:

    I really think you are making a terrible mistake by lowering yourself to the level of the lady blogger you are criticising. You are allowing people to publish the personal information of people who are your brothers in Christ. All that serves to accomplish is to give this information to spammers who will send them all manner of ghastly emails.

    Are you really going to allow some foul mouthed woman to post their personal information on your site? If you do, I shan’t return.

    Perhaps Brother Byskal is simply doing what Brother Branham told us to do. I suggest you do the same and stay far away from the rabble rousers.

    486-75 When someone says evil about you, say something good. If you can’t say something good about them, then don’t say nothing. Just let it go. See? And then when you get to yourself, pray for them.

  20. rita says:

    Yes, I agree with you. My intention is not to hurt anyone. I just wanted “Cloverdale Bibleway Blog” to be accountable. If the author of this blog wishes to remove the last names and email addresses, I am all for it. Again Simeon, I did not mean to offend.

  21. Denver Morgan says:

    I think facebook deleted her account.

  22. Denver Morgan says:

    she does show up on anyfacebook page maybe she is getting scarred
    now and deleted it her self or facebook deleted it i know for a Fact that
    somebody reported some of her post as spam “;-)”

  23. Denver Morgan says:

    I meant she does Not show up on facebook now sorry bout the typo

  24. Private says:

    Sadly, none of you know what your talking about. There is more truth to what has been said regarding CBW that anyone would like to believe. We all need to be reminded to keep our eyes on Christ, not on a church or man, its not about a religion its about relationship.

  25. rita says:

    The website blogger Tsanning cannot be found under the legal domain she stole from the good people of Cloverdale Bible way. I used to be able to google and find her under the stolen domain called “Cloverdale Bibleway- Blog”, now we can find her hiding under “A Blogger’s Motivation and a challenge/The commandments of men”. I did ask her if she was given legal autority by the people she was defaming from Mr. Byksal’s church…to use their own legal domain to defamed them, this was one of my unpubished post that was deleted.

    To my friends’ from Africa the following information was submitted to Tsanning’s blog site.

    “…Main Article: Canadian Defamation law.

    As is the case for most commonwealth jurisdictions, Canada follows Engish law on defamation issue (although the law in the province of Quebec has roots in both The English and The French tradition). At common law, dafamation covers communiction that tends to lower the esteem of the subject in the minds of ordinary public. Probably true statements are not excluded, nor are political opinions. Intend is always presumed, and it is not necessary tp prove that the defendant intented to dafame. In Hill v. Church of Scientology of Toronto (1995), The Supreme Court of Canada rejected the actual malice test adopted in the US case New York Times Co. v. Sullivan. Once a claim has been made, the defendant may avail themselves to a defense of justification (the truth), fair comment, responsible communication, or priviledge. Publishers of dafamitory comments may also use the defence of innocent dissemation where they have no knowldge of the nature of the statement, it was not brought to their attention, and they were not negligent. In Canada, the so called blashemous libel is a crime punished with a maximum term of two years in prison, according to Article 296 – 1 of the Canadian Criminal Code, as well as the crime of dafamatory libel (Article 298), which receives the same penality (see article 301). In specific case of a “libel known to be false” (Article 300), the prision term increases to a maximum of five years, according to Article 298, a defamitory libel “is matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injurethe reputation of any person by exposing him to hatred, ridcule, or that is designed to insult the person or concerning whom is published. The criminal portion of the law has been rarely applied. In the most recent case, in 1994 Bradley Waugh and Ravin Gill were charged with criminal libel for publically accusing six prison guards of the racially murder of a black inmate. According to OSCE official report on damation laws…, officail report on defamation, libel, and insult, among which 23 were convicted – 9 to prison, 19 to probation and one to a fine. The average period in prison was 270 days, and the maximum sentences was 1490 days of imprisonment.” (Wikipedia)

    On a different topic. People frequently confuse “freedom of speech” “the right to say anything you want without consequences. They are not the same. For your information, “freedom of speech”, ceases to exist, the minute you step into someone someone else rights. Your “right” do not allow you, to intrude in someone’s rights. If that was the case, we would have choas.

    To end this …Tsanning have been really slippery like a snake. Apparently, she is no longer on the facebook…no longer on the “Cloverdale Bibleway Blog”. However, our dear beloved Tsanning has already applied the law against Mr. Byskal. Found him guilty without a trail. The information I provided for her was for caustion instead she had a trial, Judged…and found the people she has be degrading guilty. The old saying goes “give a cow enough rope they ‘ll hanged themselves”, metaphorically speaking of course. Good day this was fruit for thought. Does anyone see from her blog some of these laws by might be broken by Tsanning? She called some folks as having “Verbal Diarrhea (her spelling)”…she might want to research the legal term “…desease of the mind…” as her defense. She can fine this in “The Canadian Criminal Code”. This was meant in kind of course. Good day.

  26. rita says:

    I have did everything the the Authorities told me to do.

  27. distorted says:

    This whole blogs is a complete joke, everything you accused another blogger of you do in your own. You should go and pray and fast and seek God, and forget blogging.

  28. I am curious that you chose the word ‘distorted’ and this explains your comment. We need to respond if someone’s character is assassinated. Did you expect us to bury our heads in the sand? Noways!

    • Private says:

      Who’s character is being assassinated? It is the actions of the people in question, yes, there OWN actions, that have done this to themselves. Not the actions of others. These events did happen, sin was not confessed, and then covered and excused by a pastor. No one needs to speak ill of anyone, there actions SCREAM louder than any other persons words. You are not defending a person, you are defending SIN, God hates SIN. Please understand you should get the truth on about these circumstances, i am afraid when you find out the truth of what happened, you will be embarrassed.

  29. We know what happened and we cleared that in various forums but I just wonder why people who allege that things happened hide behind secrecy. If you know the true side of the story then why don’t declare your identity and state facts. I am surprised by this behavioural pattern of the so called believers. You need to rugged if you believe that you are right.

  30. ShalomShalom says:


    I just ran across your blog today, and I find that sometimes when we mean to do well, we make just as many errors as those we try to correct.

    Myself, I live in the state of TN in the USA, so I am not a part of the people in question on either side of the issue. However, my friends, I do know things aren’t as they are projected in this blog, and the conduct of the other blog is extremely objectionable.

    I have personally seen nor heard anything except the nature of Christ from the party which formed a new church in the BC area. The way understand events is the new church formed, and then afterward Bro Bergen and Bro LeRoux came there. I have heard Bro LeRoux in sermons say he destroyed the copy of the letter he had that addressed the concerns of the deacons and trustees of CBW, and issued a statement to the church not to spread things of such a sensitive nature. Recently, I heard him directly ask the church not to feed things which need to go away such a blogs (paraphrased don’t remember exact wording). He even said on multiple occasions that he hoped that nobody in the assembly that voted him in as pastor is guilty of spreading the information. So the insinuations indicating that the new assembly is guilty of such actions are incorrect.

    As for Tsanning, from what I gleaned, she is a woman preacher from a Pentecostal group that was highly offended by the Bible saying women aren’t to have leadership positions in the house of God, and she naively came to a forum (Bro Alan’s — a message believer in AZ) on Sep-3, 2010 wanting to prove that those who felt women wasn’t supposed to have a leadership position in the church were wrong.

    A preacher (nickname parryiposte on the forum) from the BC area that wasn’t affiliated with the new church, but claimed to attend CBW for a spell told Tsanning about the indiscretion with the minor which was none of her business.

    Well, since things weren’t going her way on the forum, Tsanning opened up a blog, and against my advice continued to speak of things she has no first hand knowledge.

    So in essence, to ease her conscience of breaking the Word of God by being a woman preacher, she has to attack a fault she knows about someone else and accuse other innocent people of being too weak to put a pastor out of a job. In reality, she just fails to realize that part of following Scripture also includes knowing when to walk away and turn the other cheek.

    God Bless You,

  31. Bro.Thom says:

    Dear Saints

    I guess you Satan used his missile to shoot at God’s children. Bro Ed took a role of leader. It is a spirit working around, but the best is to laugh at Satan. Bro Lance is not an ordained pastor, he is got a wonderful ministry, but he must be careful not to find himself in trouble at the end of the road. The is law of God: planting time and harvest time. Hebrews says; if you see somebody killing a brother a keep quiet you are just a guilty. Is a spirit a hope is dead.

  32. fred says:

    How can parryriposte be a preacher?

    He’s not totally honest. I woke up one day in the middle of the night
    and for some strange reason turned on my computer, and for some strange reason
    went to a website I stopped going to six months earlier, and for some strange reason
    I clicked on a thread in BroAlan’s forum, where parryriposte said I was a liar.

    How can parryriposte be a preacher?

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